In the Field

The mission of Nudrap Setters is to carry on the 100 year old Ryman Tradition, by breeding old fashioned English Setters with beauty, intelligence, pleasing personalities, and most importantly , inborn grouse sense.

Nudrap Setters are bred, trained, and proven on the notoriously challenging king of upland game birds, the wild ruffed grouse. Our setters demonstrate drive, intelligence, nose, biddability, and uncanny bird sense.

“In my opinion, a grouse dog, to be a real top-notcher, must be both fast and wide, but his nose should govern his speed, and his brain should control the width of his casts. The faster he goes until he strikes scent, the sooner he will find game, but it will bring few birds to the bag if the dog is two townships ahead of the gun when he comes to a point.”

Burton Spiller, Drummer in the Woods.