Customer's Setters

The mission of Nudrap Setters is to carry on the 100 year old Ryman Tradition, by breeding old fashioned English Setters with beauty, intelligence, pleasing personalities, and most importantly , inborn grouse sense.

First generation Nudrap Setter pups currently make their homes in New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Minnesota, Texas, and of course Wisconsin. No matter where they go the reports returned are positive:

“Oliver is grand - I cannot believe how excited I am!!!! He is so smart, I just started basic obedience with him tonight, and by the end of the block he already knew when we stop he needs to sit! It's a bit scary sometimes just how smart he is!”

“Just wanted to give you a little update on Scout. He has been GREAT!! I started doing a little retrieve training this week, and he definitely seems to have a lot of retrieve instinct. I have been setting up a hallway that contains Scout and throwing a knotted sock and then calling him. He runs to pick it up and then runs right back to my arms - and then I praise him and remove the sock for the next throw. He did it perfect the first time and has been ever since, not bad for 9 weeks!!! I have also been working with a whistle, and have already been able to get out of his sight and blow it, and he comes running to me for praise and a treat. Every night we have been walking on his leash the length of a block, and he seems to be continually improving and enjoying that. I'm kind of new to this, but Scout seems to respond and do unbelievably well on everything that I have done with him. Great breeding and genetics. I really am excited about this dog!! Thank you again for everything.”

“Thank you all so much for the really wonderful start you all have given Amwell. He is a complete delight. Not only is he beautiful but he is, as you said very affectionate. When he looks at you with those kind and trusting eyes, he melts your heart. Not one episode of vomiting and not one mistake in the truck or motel rooms. You didn't tell us you had already housebroken him!!!!Wonderful.”

“He continues to be wonderful - seems to be completely housebroken, and has just the sweetest disposition possible! He is so eager to please! The older he gets, the more beautiful he becomes and his temperament is TOP NOTCH!!!!”

“The drahthaar guy I was telling you about asked me today if you still have any pups left and the price. He sold his drahthaar that wouldn't point to a goose hunter and is looking at his options. He also has a german shorthair that he hunts, but is looking for a dog with a lot of point.”

“Amwell is now 6 months. He weighs 52 lbs and 25 1/2 inches tall. He has been progressing very well. He is very easy to train. He is a calm boy in the house and a pistol outside. I shot his first bird over a scent point at 5 yards. He retrieved for about 10 minutes delighted with himself as you can see.”